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The 90s are in the past- the polaroid pictures, gigs in every corner of the street, parlors, booming rock music, love letters on rusty pages, and lastly, the evergreen fashion.

However, who said you cannot bring it back through fashion?

There is no need for a time machine to go back to that decade when you can simply follow the grunge aesthetic and revive the 90s aesthetic.

Initially, grunge was just a genre of rock music but it has become much more than that. Grunge has now become the lifestyle of rock enthusiasts who wish to relive those times of rock and roll.

If you are one of them, this blogpost *drumroll* is just for you!

Getting Acquainted With the Grunge Aesthetic: History and Trend

The grunge aesthetic is about fashion as well as incorporating the 90s style in your daily lifestyle. Grunge is much more than just appearance.

If we talk about fashion, grunge outfits relies on thrift stores and is not associated with luxurious, high-end brands. Grunge is about being fashionable in a way that you embrace the ruggedness of your personality and life.

Grunge style is the kind of aesthetic and style that requires you to be your raw self, as opposed to other aesthetics that are all about the bling.

Cultural History of Grunge Aesthetic

As said earlier, Grunge was initially a part of rock music. Later, it evolved into an aesthetic and a wide-spread fashion trend.

Through Music

Many rock band singers, especially Kurt Cobain, from the band Nirvana, can be called the pioneer of this fashion.

Grunge aesthetic was formerly a kind of anti-fashion statement. Since fashion was, and still is, a capitalist scheme, this trend was supposed to be a form of rebellion.

It did succeed in its goals as people, especially teenagers, were soon inspired to take the same road.

Through Social Media

Social media apps like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., have helped grunge-lovers to propagate their own fashion statements through outfit inspirations, role-models, propagation of the rock culture, and by helping you figure out your type of grunge aesthetic.

Step-By-Step Guide to Grunge Fashion

Before we proceed to the main part, it is important to know that the grunge style has many subdivisions. These subdivisions will help you figure out your kind of grunge style.

The 90s Grunge

Let’s start with the most authentic type of grunge style. The 90s fashion is a totally bangin’ kind with classic outfits and a reckless style.

How to achieve this style?

The 90s Grunge outfits are simple and do not require a lot of effort or money.

  • Baggy Tops

Flannel shirts: These shirts are the perfect choice to get that 90s Grunge look. Besides, they are also inexpensive.

Band T-shirts: Band T-shirts will forever be cool. You can grab your own favorite band T-shirt and ace that look!

Jeans Jackets: Got a plain t-shirt? Pair it up with an old, washed denim jacket and watch how easily you can pull off that grunge look.

  • Washed Up Bottoms

Ripped jeans/tight jeans: Washed up and ratty jeans are the perfect choice for all your grunge outfits. Get those ripped jeans from the thrift stores and you are ready to rock the world.

Dark leggings: If jeans make you feel uncomfortable, you can always go for dark-colored leggings.

  • Accessories

You can accessorize your outfit with beanies, long chains, bands, or any other which accessories that go with your look!

  • Makeup

Makeup was not traditionally a part of 90s Grunge but to enhance your grunge look, here are a few makeup tips listed below:

  1. Pale skin: If possible, try pale skin makeup.
  2. Dark, bold lips: Try bold lipstick shades to make your lips pop out.
  3. Winged Eyeliner/Kohl Eyes: If you are an eye-makeup person, try to get the perfect winged eyeliner along with smudged Kohl eyes. This will give you a smokey and moody look.
  • Shoes

Get your washed shoes, old converses, or any other shoes and that’s it!

Soft Grunge

Soft Grunge is another sub-division of grunge for those trying to find a more subtle and modernized version of the 90s Grunge.

This fashion is popular among Millennials and has given way to many other popular aesthetics.

How to achieve this look?

Your choice of fashion determines your grunge. If it is soft grunge, then try out the combinations given below.

  • Get any pastel-colored top.
  • The preferable designs would be floral, printed, or any other with a tinge of modernity.
  • For bottoms, you can try out ripped or baggy jeans, leggings, or grungy looking denim skirts.
  • Baggy jackets and coats are also a good idea for this aesthetic.
  • For footwear, try out sneakers, converse, or any other shoes.

Hippie Grunge

The previous two grunge aesthetics are more about the darker and pastel shades. However, the hippie grunge is the total opposite. It consists of a more vivid and colorful palette.

Hippie grunge can also be called a Boho aesthetic.

How to achieve it?

  • Tribal designs or floral printed tops.
  • Funky bottoms like ripped jeans, floral skirts, cropped shorts, or skirts.
  • Flamboyant, colorful jewelry like earrings, rings, or chokers.
  • For footwear, shoes are a good choice or even colorful, boho sandals.

Punk Grunge

Who said you cannot love rock and punk both? This grunge aesthetic will let you combine both of your favorite genres.

How to achieve it?

  • Dark shades of tops – mostly ripped or crop tops. Designs can be of your favorite punk bands or spooky visuals like skulls.
  • Bottoms can be checkered, tight black jeans, skirts, ripped jeans, fishnet stockings, or shorts.
  • Choose punk accessories like beanies, cross necklaces, chokers, spiky accessories, metal bangles, or rings.
  • Makeup is an important part of the punk grunge. Apply dark, black or brown, shades of lipsticks, kohl, liner or eyeshadow.
  • Shoes are again the best choice for footwear.

Comfy Grunge

Comfy Grunge is the best type for people looking for something more comfortable.

How to achieve it?

  • Comfortable, baggy tops like plaid shirts, oversized T-shirts, or flannels.
  • Loose-fitting jeans or bottoms.
  • Minimalistic accessories and makeup.
  • Footwear can be comfortable shoes or canvases.

Based on these grunge types, shoot your shot and choose your fashion style, and attain your fashion Nirvana!

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